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Tips and tricks to survive longer

In Out There, there are certain reflexes that will allow you to optimize your life expectancy as well as possible (another article to consult on the subject: link-of-the-tutorial):

  • Avoid to stop you on systems that do not have both a gas planet and a rock planet (equipment necessary for detection)
  • Prioritize storage de fuel and Fer on other metals and resources (in Out There, always keep some Iron and some fuel, He preferably, in your stocks)
  • Probe and drill 10 deep as soon as you have the resources to create or repair a new probe or drill, otherwise go for a depth of 7 to minimize damage.
  • Think of use your reserves in fuel before probing, just as you will use part of your Iron resources before drilling if your inventory is full, otherwise you will be forced to discard certain elements.
  • Make sure to change ship as soon as possible. The Sphere being the best ship in Out There in terms of storage capacity. Don't forget to dismantle technologies (note: it can also be useful to use a ship to store resources while exploring surrounding systems) from one ship before leaving it for another.
  • Prioritize as much as possible technologies following in the first part of the game : Shield Generator, Solar Veils and/or Gravitational Veils as well as these technologies in the second part of Out There : Ultrasound, Interplanetary Propulsion, Seed of Death, Thermal Resonance Generator
Written by the 04/01/2015

Extraterrestrial communication and dialogues

Here are several Tricks on the excellent Out There which will allow you to improve your chances of correct answers during the meetings and dialogues with extraterrestrials

Although it is not possible to know with certainty which answer to give every time, there are nevertheless points of reference which will significantly increase your chances of answering correctly to the questions of these extra-terrestrial peoples.

Indeed, each dialogue with a source of intelligent life presents inseparable characteristics dans Out There :

  • The first 3 or 4 sentences are considered dialogue where classic sentences shall we say
  • The last sentence, on the other hand, is systematically the subject of a question, and it is this which interests us the most.


The question can consist of 2, 3 or 4 words.

2 word question:

If the question consists of 2 words you will always have to choose the answer ā€œ Approve Ā».

For questions with 3 or 4 words, locate the words learned and try to see if they correspond to one of the solutions proposed below (only the words you already know will be able to put you on the right track) : 

3 word questions:

  • You Love Judges/Architects: Disapproving
  • You Want Life: Approve

4 word questions:

  • You Friend Dead People: Disapprove
  • You Love People: Approve
  • You Love Evil: Disapproving
  • You Etoile Fer Bon: Approve
  • You Bad You Dead: Disapproving
  • You Want Death: Disapprove
  • You Want Friend: Approve

Distinguish as many words as possible in a single encountere

Dance Out There, there is a situation that will allow you to distinguish many words at once. This is the scenario where the extra-terrestrial runs away before you could even engage in conversation.

Then note the following correspondences for the set of words he will use (In Out There, the extra-terrestrial words associated with the different meanings change with each game).

Just as it will be possible to obtain Indices on certain words (the last of the third sentence) when the Extra-terrestrial will ask you for a resource after giving a first correct answer (if you give a resource that does not fit you will know that this word does not correspond to the element that you have chosen to limit the prism of possible associations).

Answer correctly and choose the item requested by the Extra-Terrestrial to obtain either a new technology, or an element Omega. It may also be that no dialogue and choice takes place with the hasty departure of your interlocutor. In this case you will most likely have the chance to embed an element Omega left by the alien.

Written by the 04/01/2015
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