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How to Complete the 40 Opportunity Missions?

If you want to know how to complete the 40 Opportunity Missions, just check out this Trick of our Guide Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Among the many missions and objectives to complete in this opus, there is a somewhat special category called "Mission of Opportunity". Some will appear on the map (suitcases and blue waves), but not Interventions that require saving a civilian. It is therefore necessary to take the time to go and help him if you hear Agents, because these are events that appear randomly during your travels. If you have not reached the total of 40/40 once all the Suitcases and Blue Waves have been completed, you are missing one or more Interventions. You will therefore have to wander on the roofs of the different districts, until you come across the one(s) you are missing to reach 100%.

Written by the 07/07/2016

How to Activate Fast Travel?

Trick taken from our Walkthrough complete Mirror's Edge Catalyst, which contains the game's Fast Travel data. The City of Glass being relatively large, traveling across the Rooftops will quickly become daunting. However, be aware that there is a way to save time, but for that you will have to advance in the story until you hack the 1st GridNode. It is thanks to him that you will unlock the possibility of Fast Travel in the first district, you will then see other GridNodes appear on the map. All you have to do is go hack them too, in order to activate Fast Travel in all the Hideouts in the City of Glass.

Written by the 07/07/2016

How to Make Posters and GridLeaks Appear on the Map?

If you are looking for how to Appear Posters and GridLeaks on the map, this Trick of our Guide full Mirror's Edge Catalyst is made for you. Among the different Collectibles that you will have to collect in the game, there are two that can be found very easily. All you have to do is complete all the Main Missions of the software, you will thus automatically display on the map the Posters to Hack and the GridLeaks.

Written by the 07/07/2016

How to Reach Maximum Speed 鈥嬧婭nstantly?

By consulting this Trick dedicated to Walkthrough Mirror's Edge Catalyst, you will find the method for Always Run at Maximum Speed. During your travels on the Rooftops of the City of Glass, Faith will lose speed after performing certain moves. You must therefore press the dodge button as soon as you lose speed, while pushing the joystick in the direction you want to move. Faith will then dash forward and instantly reach her Maximum Speed.

Written by the 07/07/2016

How to Climb Faster?

This Trick taken from our Guide full Mirror's Edge Catalyst will tell you how Save Time on your Ascents. Even if there is a technique to unlock to increase the speed of climbing, it is possible to still save precious seconds during these phases of the game. All you have to do is tap the jump button when you climb along an element decor, so that Faith jumps up to save time.

Written by the 07/07/2016
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