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All Hunters

Face them in story mode or play against a friend who has the hunters you miss.

Written by the 02/10/2008


Here are the number of wins you will need to achieve in multiplayer for each category in order to obtain the emblem of Samus:

Bronze = 25 wins

Silver = 100 wins

Or = 200 wins

Written by the 02/10/2008

Sound Test

Beat Gorea during the second phase in order to unlock the Sound Test.

Written by the 03/09/2008

The arenas

Saints = Play 2 games in LAN

Compression Chamber= Play 4 games in LAN

Incubation Vault = Play 6 games in LAN

Subterranean = Play 8 games in LAN

Outer Reach = Play 10 games in LAN

Harvester = Play 12 games in LAN

Weapons Complex = Play 14 games in LAN

Council Chamber = Play 16 games in LAN

Elder Passage = Play 18 games in LAN

Fuel Stack = Play 20 games in LAN

Fault Line = Play 22 games in LAN

Stasis Bunker = Play 40 games in local network or WiFi

Gateway Arenas = Land on a new planet in single player mode

Headshot = Play a 4-player match

Oubliette = Defeat the end boss (second form)

Written by the 03/09/2008

true ending

In the room where you must face Gorea, you will notice the presence of colored elements against the wall. Shoot it in the given order to be able to face a new version of Gorea, defeat it to see the true end of the game.

Written by the 03/09/2008

Hunter Licences

Here are the ranks you can earn by winning matches over Wi-Fi:

Rang 1 : Bounty Hunter

Requires 0 to 39 points.

Rank 2: Super Hunter

Requires 40 to 139 points.

Rang 3 : Elite Hunter

Requires 140 to 389 points.

Rank 4 : Master Hunter

Requires 390 to 749 points.

Rang 5 : Legendary Hunter

Requires 750 to MAX points.

Written by the 03/09/2008
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