Tricks Left 4 Dead

    Tricks Left 4 Dead

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    Codes de triche Left 4 Dead on PC.

    After creating your Steam account, go to the Left 4 Dead directory and right-click to display the properties and then the game launch settings. Indicate "-console" then validate. When you launch the game, an input console will appear in the game menu. Type "bind c toggleconsole" then validate. Close the console and choose the style you want to use. Now, when you launch the game, the console will be accessible by typing "C". You will then need to enter "sv_cheats 1" then enter one of the codes from the list below.

    give ammo Max of ammunition

    give autoshotgun Automatic Shotgun

    give health + 100 health

    give health Max Health

    give hunting_rifle Hunting Rifle

    give molotov Cocktail molotov

    give pipe_bomb Pipe Bombs

    give gun Pistol

    god Invincibility

    god 1 Invincibility of the whole team

    noclip Wall pass

    sv_infinite_ammo 1 Unlimited ammo

    z_spawn boomer Spawns a boomer

    z_spawn hunter Spawns a hunter

    z_spawn mob Spawns a horde of zombies

    z_spawn smoker Spawns a smoker

    z_spawn tank Spawns a tank

    z_spawn weapon_SMG Get submachine gun

    z_spawn Spawns a particular infected (replace with: hunter, boomer, smoker, witch or tank)

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