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A MOD for color blind people in HearthStone

Are you color blind and can't distinguish certain cards and other colors in Hearthstone? SH8 had the good idea to create a MOD allowing you to subtly modify certain colors of the game so that you can, for example, differentiate between epic cards or even certain borders and backs of cards in the game. trick dedicated Hearthstone will tell you how to install this mod intended for daltoniens.

Click here to access the site giving you the MOD software. After registering the software, copy the following to the main game directory:

  • ReShade folder
  • ReShade.fx
  • ReShade32.dll

Now that ReShade is in your main folder, open the folder called ReShade and copy the contents of the .zip file to the main folder which should replace the .cfg file. Then rename the ReShade32.dll file to D3D9.dll. All you have to do is launch Hearthstone and play with the new colors!

Without the mod

With the mod

Using the central mouse wheel switches you to "on/off" mode, allowing you to remove the colorblind MOD at any time.

Written by Pierre Durden on 28/09/2015

Aviana OTK Druid Deck maps

First of all, know that you will need 9060 arcane dust to craft this deck. A very expensive deck like the control type decks of the warrior or the priest. Most of the cards cannot be changed because you will need to have all the cards allowing you to hold on during the first turns as well as the legendary cards allowing you then to inflict enough damage on the opponent to kill him in a single turn. . The table below from our The Great Hearthstone Tournament guide will show you all the cards to put in your druid deck:

Creatures (18) Map Sort (12) Map
Aviana living roots
alexstrasza Feed
Bloodmage Thalnos Anger
Emperor Thaurissan Moon Shard
malygos balayage
Ancient of Knowledge innervation
big game hunter wild growth
faceless manipulator
Drake azur
Grove Guardian
Ancient Healing Robot

On turn 10 you will then have to play the following cards:

  • Play Aviana then Innervation
  • Play Malygos and use Faceless Manipulator on Malygos
  • Play the Lunar Shard twice on the opposing Hero to inflict 32 points of damage.
Written by Pierre Durden on 14/08/2015

Complete your daily quests more easily

When you start Hearthstone, you will absolutely have to be able to generate a lot of money to then buy card packs. Two methods for this:

The first will be to make the arena, obtain 7 or more victories and thus be profitable to continue to make the arena. Unfortunately, when you start playing Hearthstone, you won't necessarily know all the cards and your arenas will mostly consist of wins ranging from 0 to 5. Also, "Gnomes and Goblins" packs will not very interesting at the beginning of the game.

The second method will therefore consist of focusing on a single deck. Play a class that is fairly easy to access with cards that don't cost very much in mana, such as the Hunter, Warlock or even some Priest decks. Once you have chosen your class, play only that class and try to progress with this deck. Every three wins you will get 10 golds.

In addition, each day a new daily quest will be accessible. Delete it if it is not a quest for your class. Your goal will be to find five types of challenges:

  • Watch a friend win (a deck of cards)
  • Earn XX wins
  • Earn XX kills with your class
  • Play creatures with XX mana
  • Inflict XX damage
  • Destroy XX creatures

Do not waste your time playing several classes in order to try to do all your challenges and focus on the "neutral" challenges. Finally, know that every week you will win a pack of cards with your first victory in Arm Wrestling, so do not miss this opportunity!

Video of Hearthstone's first arm wrestling match:

Written by Pierre Durden on 06/07/2015

Get a free bundle with HearthStone on mobile

Never played Hearthstone on mobile? Well know that by simply launching the software on mobile support and logging in with your account, you will get a free deck of cards! If you ever don't have a mobile phone, you can simply ask a friend to download the completely free app and connect on their phone. Thereafter, it will be up to you to open your deck and cross your fingers in order to obtain legendary or gold-edged cards:

Free Bundle for Hearthstone

Written by Pierre Durden on 06/07/2015

List of Hearthstone card backs

Below is the complete list of card backs.Hearthstone. Each month, by finishing rank 20 or more in ranked, you will obtain one of these rewards. Note that the other backs will be given to you according to more difficult challenges such as by successfully defeating all the Bosses of the Naxxramas adventure in Heroic mode or by reaching the Legendary rank in ranked mode.

Icons Description
Finish the month of April 2014 in rank 20 minimum
Finish the month of May 2014 in rank 20 minimum
Finish the month of June 2014 in rank 20 minimum
Finish the month of July 2014 in rank 20 minimum
Finish the month of August 2014 in rank 20 minimum
Finish the month of September 2014 in rank 20 minimum
Basic card back
Obtain the rank of Legend
Play three games in "Local" mode
Complete Naxxramas Heroic Mode
Be a member of TeSPA
Get the Collector's Edition of WOW: Warlods of Draenor
Buy a ticket for Blizzcon 2014
Written by Pierre Durden on 18/12/2014

A pile of Easter Eggs for HearthStone

You will find on this page a last salvo of Easter Eggs for Hearthstone. It is each time a nod to a known work or quote. You will find below even more references to cult scenes, movie quotes or even well-known characters.

Reference to Kung Fu Panda: "My fist is hungry for justice!"

Reference to Blizzard: "This spell really has a great name!"

Reference to Fight Club: "You know the first rule of brawlers"

Reference to Kaamelott: "I don't really like old-fashioned treatments, I prefer to heal immediately. But hey, that's my opinion, and I share it"

Reference to South Park: "He's not fat, he has a heavy frame!"

Reference to Reaper 5000: "Overheating threshold exceeded. System crash. Cereal jam in nozzle two. Shutdown"

Reference to Bruce Almighty: "I'm the alpha and omega, baby!"

Reference to Matrix: "I'm not saying you can dodge the fireballs. No. What I'm saying is that with this shield you won't feel them anymore"

Reference to Warcraft III: "If we gather enough of them, we can detonate an Eredar Lord. But how is that possible?"

Reference to Stromae: "Their favorite song is: So we dance"

Written by Pierre Durden on 06/10/2014

More Easter Eggs

Always more Easter Eggs in the description of Hearthstone cards. In this third part you will discover new references to the cards of the game published for more than a year now.

Reference to James Bond: "You have the license to kill"

Reference to Transformers: “No sacrifice, no victory”

Reference to Stephanie from Monaco: "Like a hurricane, the storm within me has swept away the past..."

Reference to Petit Pimousse: "Small but strong!"

Reference to Orangina: "He likes to treat people like kids. But why is he so mean?"

Reference to Green Giant: "Ho ho ho, giant of the seas!"

Reference to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: "When you shoot, you don't tell your life story"

Reference to Apericube: "Usually, when we play this card, we shout: A big cube, a small cube, it's time for the frigi-cube!"

Reference to Indiana Jones: "Snakes, it had to be snakes!"

Reference to Hulk: "Don't make me angry, you might regret it"

Reference to La Rafle: "Don't be mean, wait for me!"

Reference to Les Bronzés are skiing: "Twilight drakes feed on mystical energy. And sugar pancakes"

Written by Pierre Durden on 06/10/2014

A few more Easter Eggs in HearthStone

Easter Eggs are good, eat them! In Hearsthstone many card descriptions will refer directly to quotes or known characters. Forealplayers invites you to discover or rediscover some of them through the cards that you will find below.

Reference to Pirelli: "Without blessing, power is nothing!"

Reference to Friends: "Ah, you're not dead! Alright, bye!"

Reference to Harry Potter: "If this spell misses, it leaves a lightning-shaped mark on your opponent's forehead"

Reference to Honny Hallyday: "Light the fire, light the fire!"

Reference to Indiana Jones: "His place is in the Hall of Explorers!"

Reference to The City of Fear: "Oh be careful, honey, it's going to cut!"


Reference to Chouck Norris: "Thieves put their blades where they want... And it's often in the mouth"

Reference to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: "I always finish the job I'm paid for"

Reference to the Circle of Dead Poets: "Before, he was part of the Circle of the Dead Prophets, but we don't know what became of them"

Reference to Scarlet Water: "The Scarlet Cross takes care of the ling you love"

Reference to Krys: "Once, the kobolds were merchants who sold the best candles in the world. But that was before..."

Written by Pierre Durden on 06/10/2014

Some HearthStone Easter Eggs

At Blizzard we love Easter Eggs, and especially in their latest game: Hearthstone where the team of translators particularly tore their hair out to place many references in the descriptions of certain cards.

Below are some of the Easter Eggs in the game:

Reference to Kaamelott: "That extra protection is welcome, but it looks like a shovel in there!"

Reference to Kaamelott: "This card wets everything it touches. Oh, wait. That's wet!"

Reference to Kaamelott: "Shut up, shut up, shut up, heretical satan furious chicken leg!!!"

Reference to Kaamelott: "Why betray? I would say it's probably a compulsive response to a fear of getting attached"

Reference to Nabilla: "You're a pirate and you don't have a parrot, but in the water, what!"

Reference to Emile and Images: "A little closer to the stars!"

Reference to The Lion King: "In the jungle, terrible jungle, the lion died tonight"

Reference to Johnny Hallyday: "All it takes is a spark, a trifle, a gesture to... Light the fire!"

Reference to Bratisla Boys: "Cuckoo wrath, it stains it stains!"

Reference to Trust: "Antisocial, you're losing your temper!"

Written by Pierre Durden on 06/10/2014
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