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Increase movement distance

To know how Increase movement distance of your fighters, just check out this Trick taken from Disgaea 5 which is dedicated to him. Each character that you invoke during the clashes has a well-defined action zone indicated by boxes. The latter cannot therefore move only in this sector, but there is a small technique which makes it possible to extend this distance a little. By summoning Monsters that you unlock during recruitment, you can use their heads as a springboard to leap further. By combining the strategic placement of these Monsters on the field and this useful little method, you will be able to cover a very large area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe battlefield.

Written by the 22/05/2017

Group/Combo Attacks

If you want to know the Principle of Group/Combo Attacks, this Trick dedicated Disgaea 5 is made for you. One of the originalities offered by the game's combat system is that of being able to surround the enemies to launch group attacks. So quickly get into the habit of placing your Fighters on the sides and behind your Opponents from the start of the clashes. You can then launch group attacks on them, allowing you to overcome them very easily.

Written by the 22/05/2017

The importance of team composition

Trick de Disgaea 5 in which we will tell you the importance of good Compose your team to increase your chances of survival. If you want to survive the many fights that await you, it is imperative to always have a Healer in your team. Whether it's a Cleric or a Priestess, they will often be the key to your victories, but protect them as much as possible because they are far from being very resistant. They will also be very useful to you when your Fighters suffer penalties, because you can make them disappear by teaching the ‚ÄúHope‚ÄĚ spell to the healers.

Written by the 22/05/2017

Rare equipment

By consulting this Trick dedicated Disgaea 5, you will find information on the Rare equipment. As in the majority of RPGs, each piece of equipment worn by your fighters modifies the various statistics to a greater or lesser extent. But be aware that the Rare, Legendary or Epic Items you find will also grant you various bonuses that will be very useful to you. So always favor this type of equipment when you find it, always keeping the one with the best bonus regardless of their stats.

Written by the 22/05/2017

The experience system

To find out how the Experience System, this Trick de Disgaea 5 is made for you. One of the fundamental points to understand when fighting is that only characters who hit enemies gain experience. So remember to alternate the fighters you want to improve, but also know that there is a subtlety to rebalance the level of your characters. If one of them has less experience than his comrades in arms, let him finish off the enemies so that he gets a significant exp bonus. Do not forget to do the various side quests that are offered to you, in order to recover more experience to develop your secondary characters.

Written by the 22/05/2017
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