Tricks Dead or Alive 2

Portrait of the characters

In the Versus mode options, remove the "quick select" option. You will then be able to appreciate a 3D modeling of the fighters in their costume during the character selection.

All Suits

In order to unlock all the costumes in the game, finish the Story mode several times with all the characters. Don't forget to choose the Very hard options and the Largest life gauge for the opponents beforehand.

Bonus images

Insert the Dead or Alive 2 disc into your PC's drive, and enjoy some footage of the heroines.

Kasumi nue

In the options, select an age greater than twenty-one; then achieve an honorable score in Survival or Time Attack mode, and enter REALDEMO as the player name. Now wait until the intro cutscene plays. Kasumi will then have replaced Tengu in the kind of cocoon.

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