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Trick Code Name : S.T.E.A.M.

This part "tips" will be entirely devoted to the game Code Name : S.T.E.A.M. released exclusively on 3DS on May 15, 2015. Thanks to these tips, you will be able to win the main missions of the game more easily, understand how save points work or recover your "Steam" points after a movement error.

Save point:

Thanks to the save points, you can restore the life of your team but also restore all of their movement points by paying the last option (heal the whole team). So it will be quite interesting to use all your points before reaching the save point and here use it to play a second round for free. Also, save points will be able to restore life to the person using it if you don't have enough money to restore the health of your entire group, so use the person with the least life to make a save. .

Bad move:

Sometimes you may not move the character in the right direction. Do not worry because by backing up, you will recover these movement points. Note that they will be used if you perform another action afterwards: jump on a rock, shoot an enemy, etc. It may be interesting to move on the map to carry out a reconnaissance of the places and to retrace your steps just after. Be careful though because if you get hit by an enemy, these points will be used!

Mission sequence:

In each mission, you will have three (hidden) gears to collect, except special mission. The gears will allow you to unlock secondary weapons that can be equipped by all members of your group (in a single copy). In addition, each chapter up to Chapter 12 will give you a new character that you can later use in your team.

Read the explanatory panels:

You will find green signs on your way, in addition to teaching you how to play and giving you advice during your mission, the person reading this sign will regain all their steam points.

Written by Pierre Durden on 17/05/2015
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