Tips for Getting Started

Choose your fighter well:

When you choose to start a new game, you will have to create an avatar that will represent you (picture1). But pay attention to the race you choose, because it's not only their appearance that is different, the starting stats are too. If you want to know more about the important elements of the Fighters, check out the article "Fighting Races" from our guide to Dragonball Xenoverse 2. Once you have selected the race that suits you best, all you have to do is change its appearance and find a name for it before starting the adventure (picture2).

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Visit Conton City regularly:

Each time you complete a series of main or parallel quests, consider taking a tour of the different Districts of the city of Conton City. This will allow you to meet new NPCs who give quests, but also "Coaches" who can teach you techniques (picture3). Also remember to check the stocks of the different Merchants who are all gathered in the Commercial Area (picture4).

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Track Challenge Quests:

Shortly after starting your journey in this opus, you will be invited to talk to Old Kaio Shin (picture5). It is very important to come and follow the different Challenge Quests it offers, because it is the latter that will allow you to learn the intricacies of the gameplay (picture6).

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The rewards of the parallel quests:

After completing the first main quest for the Kaio Shin of Time, you will be invited to participate in the first "Parallel Quest" software (picture7). These parallel quests have two major features, they allow you to obtain various rewards and can be done in co-op. Talk to one of the robots located in the Reception area, to consult the list of parallel quests that are available (picture8).

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To see all the rewards you can get, look at the second page of each parallel quest he offers (picture9). These are unlocked when you complete a parallel quest, obtaining them depends on your Final Rank and whether or not you had the Fin Latest. You will therefore surely have to redo certain parallel quests several times, but do not forget that you can do them in cooperation for more simplicity. When you obtain one or more rewards from the list, they will be grayed out so that you know which ones have already been won (picture10).

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Exploration during parallel quests:

During the very first parallel quest that you must complete, a tutorial will explain that you can use your detector (picture11). This allows you to locate materials that are buried in the ground, and then get your hands on them by going there (picture12).


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Regularly check your equipment:

After each main and parallel quest you complete in the game, take the time to look at the new items you have obtained (picture13). This will allow you to check if you don't have better accessories, techniques or outfits to equip on your fighter. Also remember to check the stock of your different capsules, because some can literally save your life during certain fights (picture14).


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