The rarest villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players cannot directly select villagers who live on their island. There are, however, indirect ways to do this. A cheaper, but more tedious option is to make multiple trips to mysterious islands. in hopes of finding your ideal villagers. Some players have decided to streamline the process and simply trade for villagers with others.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon's Most Wanted Villagers

ACNH villagers can be very valuable ā€“ literally. People will pay large amounts of bells, rare in-game items, or even real currency to acquire the villager they most desire. Here are some of the more "rare", meaning they are hard to find or acquire on the commercial market. One of the most popular trading sites for villagers is Nookazon, a third-party site inspired by Amazon.


Average cost on Nookazon: 166k Bells / 50 Nook Miles tickets

Marshal is a squirrel with a smug personality. While it doesn't cost as much as some of the others on this list, it has a history (since the game launched in Spring 2020) of being a fan favorite. At one point, Marshal was selling over a million bells! It's a bit more affordable now, but still highly sought after.


Average cost on Nookazon: 337k Bells / 300 Nook Miles tickets

Raymond, like Marshal, is one of those villagers who crashed into the market when ACNH first came out. This smug cat with heterochromia was a new addition to the franchise and his cute appearance drove fans crazy. He is still more than double the price of Marshal, making him a high demand cat.


Average cost on Nookazon: 484k Bells / 40 Nook Miles tickets

Coco can look a bit creepy with her blank, empty eyes. In fact, this bunny with a normal personality is a warm addition to any island. Its unique look has made it desirable for players, which is why its average bell cost is so high.

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Average cost on Nookazon: 548k Bells / 50 Nook Miles tickets

Audie is rumored to be based on a famous elderly gamer named Audrey Buchanan who won the hearts of many other Animal Crossing fans. So it's no surprise that the villager designed after her is a smash hit in ACNH.


Average cost on Nookazon: 200k Bells / 30 Nook Miles tickets

Diana is an arrogant deer with an adorable pastel appearance. His fame wasn't as high at the start of the game's launch compared to villagers like Raymond, but his popularity kept rising, along with the price to buy him.

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