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This section of the fallout 4 walkthrough is dedicated to the side quest "The Path to Freedom". You will be required to complete this first faction quest allowing you to get to know the Rail Network in the main quest of Fallout 4. Indeed, these people will allow you to analyze the Z2-47 hunter chip. First go to Boston Common (picture1and2) where you will have to chat with a robot located in the square (picture3).

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You will then have to follow the red line on the ground which will aim to show you around the area (picture4). You will pass by the Massachusetts Parliament (picture5), the old Granary Burying Ground cemetery (picture6), Faneuil Hall (picture7) and will eventually reach “Old North Church” which you will have to enter (picture8and9).

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This course will be quite difficult, so we advise you to wait until you have a fairly decent level to do it. Note that you will meet a Super Mutant Kamikaze during your journey, stay mobile and shoot first at the bomb he will carry on him in order to end the fight without losing life points (picture10).

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Move forward in the church, kill the ghouls and go through the door on the right to go down a staircase (pictures11and12). In this corridor, you will once again meet several ghouls and find a mechanism at the end of the tunnel. You will now have to solve the riddle... (picture13)

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The mechanism will allow you to turn the outer circle on which Boston The Freedom Trail is written and then press the central button which at first glance will not be important. Your goal will be to write the following word: “RAILROAD” (picture14). To do so, follow the instructions below.

  • "R" for Freedom
  • "A" for Trail
  • "I" for Trail
  • "L" of Trail
  • "R" for Trail
  • "O" for Freedom
  • "A" for Trail
  • "D" de Freedom

Once the word has been written, the wall will open and you can enter the secret area of ​​the Rail Network (picture15).

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You will then meet Desdemona (picture16) to whom you will have to speak in order to complete the first quest “The path to freedom” (picture17). This faction quest will be the only mandatory one with the Rail Network, you can then ally with the faction you want or continue your journey alone.

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