The legendary sculptor

This part of the Soluce Monster Hunter Stories 2 is devoted to the side quest "The Legendary Sculptor". Here you will find the progress of the mission as well as information on its activation conditions and the rewards obtained.

Activation : Optimistic woman

Access conditions: Complete "The Sealed Lair"

Reward : Bottle cap x5

Talk to the young woman located on the pontoon south of the Mahana village, then go to the Rider who is near the quest panel to get information on the sculptress (pictures1-2-3).

1 picture

2 picture

3 picture

Once this is done, go talk to the old woman south of the village to get more information (picture4). You will now have to go to the village of Rutoh and then chat with the gossip who is on the west side (pictures5-6).

4 picture

5 picture

6 picture

At the end of the dialogue, go to the central part of the village to meet the sculptress (pictures7-8). At the end of this sequence, you can return to the young woman in the Mahana village to complete the mission (picture9).

7 picture

8 picture

9 picture

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