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In this section of Guide Monster Hunter Stories 2, you will discover the unfolding of the secondary quest "The Great Escape". You will also find here information about the conditions of access to the mission and the rewards obtained.

Activation : Honest Felyne

Access conditions: Complete the quest "The Origin"

Reward : Cat paws x3 + training charms x3

Talk to the Honest Felyne in the shelter, then go to the area in the center of the Pomore Garden to find the Felyne trapped in a barrel (pictures1-2-3).

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2 picture

3 picture

During the “fight” against this creature, use a bomb to destroy the barrel of the Felyne (pictures4-5). If you don't immediately use a bomb, the Felyne will escape and you'll need to go to a fast travel point to respawn it. Note that the “cat paws” obtained after the victory against the Felyne will be used to improve the equipment obtained from Melynx SA (picture6).

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