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This section of the Guide Fallout 4 is devoted to the side quest "To err is human". In the city of covenant, you investigate the mysterious disappearance of a caravan of merchants.

Activation: Dan integrates it

Status: None

Awards: See below

Note: This quest is no longer accessible after completing the main storyline of one of the game's factions.

Go near the small community of Covenant located north of Boston and talk to Swanson who is waiting for you at the entrance (pictures1-2). Then agree to take the security test (answer as you see fit) to be allowed to enter the city.

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2 picture

Once inside, go talk to Dan the Integrity and agree to help him to finally activate this new side quest (picture3). From there, ask Dan and then go talk to Deezer to get some lemonade (picture4).

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Once this is done, leave the city and head towards the objective marker to find the caravan, there, search the cooler to find Deezer lemonade, proof that the caravan has indeed passed through Covenant (pictures5-6 ).

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Now go back to Covenant and ask Talia or Penny about the missing caravan, during this dialogue, give them some ointment so that they tell you about the ‚ÄúComplex‚ÄĚ (picture7). At the end of this dialogue, wait until nightfall and then wait until all the inhabitants go to bed. If you have the right skills, head to the easternmost house and discreetly unlock the door (picture8).

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8 picture

If this is not the case, you can either steal the house key from one of the inhabitants (picture9) or recover it during the day on the tablet in the doctor's office (picture10).

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You can also enter the town dormitory and retrieve the key from the bedside table (picture11). Note that on this table, you can also find Jacob’s computer password (picture12).

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Anyway, hack the computer in this house to find out the location of the Complex (picture13). Once this is done, go see Dan and report to him so that he agrees to go to the secret facility (picture14).

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Now go to the exit of the city, you will then be stopped by Jacob who will try to convince you to forget this whole story (picture15). During this dialogue, ask him to ‚ÄúSpeak clearly‚ÄĚ and then use your persuasion to find a compromise (picture16). Doing so will make the rest of the mission easier to unfold.

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At the end of the dialogue, go to the quest marker and enter the sewers to find Dan (picture17). Once inside, approach the guards to start the dialogue. If you have managed to smooth things over with Jacob, you can quite easily convince them to let you into the Complex by choosing to negotiate (picture18).

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If you succeed, follow Manny through the building until you reach Dr. Chambers’ laboratory (pictures19-20). From this moment, you have several possibilities to conclude this mission.

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20 picture

Accept Dr. Chambers' proposal (501Xp + 300 caps + alliance with Covenant)

During the dialogue with Dr. Chambers, ask her about her motivations and then accept her proposal (picture21). If Dan is with you at this precise moment, you will have to kill him before you can collect your bounty and end the quest (picture22). At the end of the mission, you can return to Covenant and then discuss with Jacob so that he agrees to join the ranks of the Militia.

21 picture

22 picture

Refuse Dr. Chambers' proposal and destroy the Complex (501xp + 300 caps)

If you decide to refuse Chambers’ proposal, kill everyone in the room and then completely clean the Complex (picture23). You can then open Amelia’s cell using the terminal (picture24).

23 picture

24 picture

Once the girl is freed, talk with Dan to get your bonus of 300 caps (or more if you decide to negotiate) (picture25). The quest is over and the complex is now destroyed, as a result, all the inhabitants of Covenant are now hostile and, if you approach the city, you will be forced to kill them all (picture26).

25 picture

26 picture

Alternative sequences:

- Obtain information about the Complex by immediately unlocking the door to the main Covenant house, without doing any research first.

- Do not give Dan new information or ask him to come with you to the Complex.

- Do not negotiate with Jacob to be greeted violently by the guards of the Complex.

- Do not negotiate with Manny and fight your way through the Complex with a gun in hand.

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