That good old Son Goku!

On this page of the solution comprehensive dedicated to Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, find out how to complete thesub story That good old Son Goku!.

Episode: Saga Buu - Episode 8
Period: "The End"

As Son Goku, go see Bora in the western forest area (pictures1and2).

1 picture

2 picture

Then go to Capsule Corporation and talk with Bulma (pictures3and4).

3 picture

4 picture

After the scene, you find yourself in the Central Plains area. Follow the marker to find the thieves and defeat the robots (pictures5,6and7).

5 picture

6 picture

7 picture

Then follow the new marker and pick up the medicinal moss (pictures8and9).

8 picture

9 picture

The side story then ends and you get Bora and Upa's Soul Emblems.

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