Testing Time! Beerus and Whis

Who I am
Marie-Ange Demory
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Victory Conditions:

  • Defeat all enemies.

Chess Conditions:

  • Player's HP depleted

Base Reward:

  • 18000 Zenis

Start by eliminating Beerus draining his life bar twice, then go to whis which is by far the more powerful of the two adversaries. The latter uses his staff as a combat weapon, which allows him to have a long reach (picture1). He can thus keep you at a distance to confront you from afar, because he knows that his guard will not last long if you attack him in close combat (picture2).

1 picture

2 picture

whis uses two techniques mainly during this confrontation. The first is the classic shockwave it generates around itself, allowing it to knock you back when you attack it in melee. The second is a hold that gives him the possibility of teleporting behind you, in order to eject you away with only one finger (picture3). So use your most powerful techniques to defeat them, otherwise you and Trunks there is a high risk of being crushed (picture4).

3 picture

4 picture

Video of the fight:

Audio Video Testing Time! Beerus and Whis
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