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Updating skills for cheap!

Dance Tap titans, the last menu on the right (in green) is dedicated to the purchase/expenditure of diamonds and allows, among other things, torefresh skills of his hero in order to avoid having to wait the necessary time between each use.

The amount displayed (in diamonds) depends on several factors, including of course the number of skills unavailable at the time of purchase (those for which there is time remaining before being reactivated), but also the time remaining before a "re " availablity.

Stay on the page of the menu in question and observe the mentioned cost in the skills box. You will then notice that the number of diamonds requested drops live. At first the count is slow, but there comes a time when it will race for drop downright to 60 diamonds (instead of 100-150 base diamonds!). Train yourself to anticipate the fall well to be sure to buy the bonus at the right time and you will benefit from a good discount almost every time! 

Be careful, however, not to be too greedy otherwise you risk pressing too late, when the skill returns to its highest cost.

Written by the 09/07/2015

Voluntarily spawn chests to earn as many gold coins as possible

Dance Tap titans, chest of gold coins is very interesting to quickly earn a lot of gold coins. However, it appears very rarely if you have not boosted its presence by acquiring special items for relics.

A very simple technique increases the chances of obtaining a chest. With a little stubbornness, we can even say that this method allows you to force the presence of a chest. To do this, wait until you reach a Boss or Mini-Boss and give up the fight by clicking on the red button at the top right. By giving up, you will again be faced with an "ordinary" enemy and maybe a chest with a little luck! Activate and deactivate the fight against the Boss as many times as necessary until the chest appears. Sometimes long, but how much to pay!

Be careful, remember to optimize the presence of the chests by buying the object (and its improvement of course) Egg of the crown in order to make the manipulation more profitable.

Written by the 26/06/2015
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