SpongeBob SquarePants: The Crispy Crab Creature

Who I am
Catherine Le Nevez
Author and references

New characters

Get Patrick: Find 27 rose seeds

Get Plankton: Find 27 green seeds

cheat codes

The following codes are to be entered in the game codes menu:

Get Bob Plankton:
Enter code PANTS

Obtain the Hot Rod:
Enter code HOTROD

Get Patrick tux:
Enter the code PATRICK

Get Punk Bob:
Enter the code SPONGE

Get a new hovercraft:
Enter the code HOVER

Get a new ship:
Enter code SHIP

Get a different laser:
Enter code LASER

Get different rockets:
Enter the code ROCKET


From the main menu, go to "Extras" then enter the following codes to obtain various effects.

PS: remember to select the activate Bonuses command in the extras menu to enable the codes to work.

go to Extras > Enter codes to enter one of the following codes. To activate the bonus, select "Activate Bonus Items" still in the extras menu.

HOTROD : New vehicle in "Diesel Dreaming"

HOVER : new hovercraft in "Hypnotic Highway"

LASER : New Laser Color in "Revenge of the Giant Plankton"

PANTS : Plankton costume in "Super-Size Patty"

PATRICK : Patrick Tux unlocked in "Starfish to the Rescue"

ROCFISH : 30000 points Z

ROCKET : Different trail in "Hypnotic Highway"

SPACE : New ship in "Rocket Rodeo"

SPONGE : Punk costume for the "Diesel Dreaming" level

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