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Video of the "SOS Sushifish" quest:

To start this mission, you will first need to have helped the cook in the mission"Eliminate the dam". Then talk to the shopkeeper located at the top left of the town, near the Great Hall (image1). This will then give you a quest that you will need to get from Guilda (image2). As usual, go towards the exit of the city to start the quest "SOS Sushifish" (image3).

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Before heading headlong into the area where the Sushifish are, look in your blue chest to see that bait will be provided for you! (image4) With these baits, you can more easily spawn the fish in this mission. Then go to area n°06 and go to the right where you will find a small cave (image5). Inside a pond will allow you to fish for Sushifish (image6).

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Go near the pond and use your fishing rod, with or without bait. You will then have to wait for a fish to bite the hook and keep the A button pressed to fish it (image7et8). Once you have the five Sushifish in your possession, return to your base camp and put the fish in the red chest to complete this mission (image9). The video above will show you the complete mission to better understand how fishing is done in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

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