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Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo Walkthrough: is an adventure game developed by Pendulo Studios and edited by Microïds. Ed Miller, a writer, emerged unscathed after his car crashed into California's Brody Canyon. No one was found in the wreckage of the car, yet Ed claims he was traveling with his wife and daughter. Traumatized by the event, he begins to suffer from severe dizziness. As he begins therapy, Ed will try to find out what really happened on that tragic day. Our guide will tell you how to get all the achievement/trophy of the game in order to shed light on the scenario of the game.

  • Story-related achievements/trophies

  • Missable Achievements/Trophies

    • The “Main” Achievement/Trophy
    • The “Croquettes” achievement/trophy
    • The "Coverage" Achievement/Trophy
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