Small and ... Small?!

After completing the “Job from Another World” mission, return to the 6F Spacetime Rift and go left at your spaceship. On a small hill there will be two Piccolo (picture1). The first will be the Demon King Piccolo and the second his "son", and will be about to face each other. The Demon King Piccolo will then take on a giant form and attack your team directly (picture2).

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This enemy will be level 60 and will be alone against your team of five characters. Try to use zone and retreat techniques allowing you to eject the enemy from the ring and thus win a round (picture3). This fight will be quite similar to the fights against the Giant Gorillas that you will do during the main quest of Dragon Ball Fusions. Once the fight is over, you will validate the mission “Piccolo and... Piccolo?!”, get experience and a new Quiz (picture4).

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