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This section of the Guide Fallout 4 is devoted to the secondary quest "Silver Shroud". You are going to help Kent, a comic book fan, bring the famous Silver Shroud, a pre-war superhero, to life.

Activation: Radio frequency

Status: None

Rewards: 558Xp + 245 caps + Silver Shroud Costume + Silver Machine Gun + Grognak Ax + Grognak Costume + Silver Shroud Armor Upgrades by Kent


When you approach Goodneighbor, you will pick up a new radio frequency, so open your menu and listen to the “Silver Shroud Radio” frequency (picture1). From there, go to the town of Goodneighbor and then head towards the Den of Memory. There, chat with Kent and then agree to help him to receive new objectives (picture2).

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At the end of the dialogue with the latter, go to Hubris Comics and enter the building (picture3). Inside, kill the ghouls on the ground floor then collect the Grognak's ax in the window behind the counter as well as the BD of the Increvables near the cash register (picture4).

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This done, go upstairs then enter the room on the right, from there, get the photo de Silver Shroud in the window on the left (picture5). Now turn around and go down the back hallway, a little further, enter the office on the right and pick up the Hubris Comics key on the desk (picture6).

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Then go back to the hallway and climb the stairs to the right, once on the upper floor, walk down the hallway and then turn left, then unlock the first door on the right using the key (picture7). On the other side of it, pick up the Silver Shroud storyline on the desk and then turn around (picture8).

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Now take the stairs leading to the top floor, at the top, eliminate the Luminescent before recovering the costume de Silver Shroud as well as the fake silver submachine gun which is behind the panel (picture9). These two elements in your possession, go search the shelves on the left to get your hands on the Grognak costume (picture10).

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This done, turn around and open the back door, on the other side of it, collect the copy of "History to sleep tall" (picture11). You can now return to Goodneighbor to report to Kent, delighted, he will give you 245 caps for the photo and the scenario of Silver Shroud before giving you the real Silver Shroud costume as well as a silver machine gun (picture12).

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At the end of the dialogue, dress like Silver Shroud and then tune into the hero’s radio to receive new objectives (picture13). As soon as your target is identified, enter the alley located to the right of the memory lair and start a conversation with Wayne (picture14).

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As expected, the situation turns very bad, so kill the bad guy and then place a Silver Shroud card on his corpse (picture15). Once this operation is completed, listen to the radio again to identify your next target, then head towards the objective marker to find AJ (picture16).

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Announce the color to the dealer and then kill him and his men, before placing a card on his corpse (picture17). At this time, the radio will give you a new target, so head to the third rail bar and talk to Charlie. To convince him to give you the required information, there is no need to bribe him, just stay in your Silver Shroud character (picture18).

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At the end of the dialogue, go to the new quest marker and enter the building, then make your way to the upper level to find Kendra (picture19). After the death of this madwoman, drop a card on her corpse and collect the contract on Shelly Tiller which is on his body (picture20).

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Optional objective: Kill Shelly Tiller (500 caps)

The contract retrieved from Kendra's body activates a completely optional and dark new mission objective. If you want to make some caps, follow this path, if you want to maintain your integrity, go immediately to the rest of the quest.

To assassinate Shelly, go to the National Guard training ground located to the northeast (picture21). Once there, eliminate the ghouls and go upstairs, you will then find Shelly and you can eliminate her (picture22).

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Once this is done, go back to Boston and join the new quest marker (picture23). There, simply search the toolbox on the ground to get your reward of 500 caps for the murder of Shelly Tiller (picture24).

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After Kendra's death, return to Goodneighbor and listen to the radio again to learn that Hancock wishes to meet Silver Shroud. So go to his house, dressed like the hero, and chat with the ghoul to receive new objectives (picture25). At the end of this sequence, head north to reach Cathy’s position (picture26).

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Once there, discuss (or not) with your target and then kill everyone (picture27). After the fight, place a card on Cathy's corpse and then head towards your second target. There, eliminate all of Northy’s bodyguards before taking care of your target who has taken refuge in the surroundings (picture28).

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After Northy’s death, place a card on his corpse and retrieve the “Find Silver Shroud” holotape (picture29). Listen to the latter from your Pip-boy and then return to Goodneighbor, there you will learn that Kent has been kidnapped by Sinjin (picture30).

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Now that your objectives are up to date, join the new quest marker and enter the hospital (picture31). Once inside, enter the corridor on the left and take the elevator (picture32).

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Upstairs, turn left and go down the stairs, then continue to move forward until you come across a room defended by a turret (picture33). From there, go up the stairs and use the back elevator (picture34).

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At the upper level, get rid of the turrets before entering the back corridor (picture35). In the room over there, go down through the hole in the ground and then clean the next corridor (picture36).

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Now enter the corridor opposite and turn right, then activate the elevator on the left to reach the top floor of the hospital (picture37). At the top, you will finally find Sinjin and poor Kent (picture38).

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To save your friend, you will have to use persuasion thanks to the phrase “You will have to kill me first” (picture39). In this way, Sinjin will bring your attention back to you and leave Kent, so you can eliminate him and his men without fearing for your friend's life (picture40).

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After the fight, discuss with Kent then leave the place. Back in Goodneighbor, go to Hancock to receive your reward and end the quest (picture41). You can now continue with this guide Fallout 4.

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Note that when you reach levels 25, 35 and 45, Kent will offer you to improve the Silver Shroud armor, so visit him to learn more (pictures42-43).

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Alternative sequences:

- During the conversation with AJ, accept his bribe so as not to confront him. Kent and your companions are likely to resent you.

- During the confrontation with Sinjin, keep talking like Silver Shroud to scare his followers and scare them away. Kent is likely to die within seconds.

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