To get the “Resupply” quest, you will have to talk to Yomogi, the leader, who is near the exit of the city, right next to the Grand Camp (pictures1and2). When opening the village map, you will see many yellow, red and blue bubbles. Important, these will tell you that someone wants to chat with you to give you a mission (picture3).

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Before starting your quest, talk to Fugen the Elder who is at the top of the steps so that he gives you three new Florelets (pictures4and5) that can be changed (from the equipment option in the chest) depending on the desired style. Florelets can also be changed from the camp chest. You will get the Florelet force, Florelet courage and Florelet demon (picture6).

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Then go talk to Inukai the Master Canyne (picture7) and bring him 5x Iron Ore and 3x Malachite so that he gives you a defense umbrella (picture8) that you can give to your Chumsky by using the Pilpoil Board located on the Square of the same name (picture9). Also, don't forget to chat with Kagarashi, the Felyne Chief, near the windmills.

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Thanks to Kagarashi, you will be able to use Miaourcenaries. The Miaourcenaries are a team of Pilpoils led by Kogarashi, the Felyne leader (picture10). They use kites to propel themselves through the air, explore specific regions and collect materials and objects from monsters (picture11). Kamura Points are required to send them on missions.

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Scout Sites have their Scout Routes, each with its own target (picture12). Miaourcenarians scout out and return when players have finished their quest. Look for sites and roads offering the desired materials.

You can call back the Miaourcenaries before the end of their mission and recover the materials collected so far, but you will not recover the Kamura Points (picture13). It is therefore better to let them finish their patrol when possible.

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Finally, talk with Utsushi the master in the Grand Camp (picture14). This character will teach you the Substitute talents of each weapon (picture15).

Substitute Talents: these are weapon attacks that you can choose from. Choose a Talent with the option "Change Talent sub." from your trunk or a tent (picture16). For more information on these talents, read our section "Monster Hunter Rise Weapons".

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Get the “Restocking” quest at the Quest Counter, go to each green point indicated on the Forgotten Temple map and get the six packages corresponding to the six new canteen ingredients (picture17). By doing so, you will have the opportunity to eat new Dangos (pictures18and19).

News from the canteen:

Dango Bonus
fresh apple Increases attack when Show Off 2 emote is used for a period of time.
Muscular Reduces stamina consumed while running on walls.
Pineapple For a while after meals, reduces stamina consumed.
Moonlight Restores life to fainting allies in the area (once).
Chirp Ghostbirds have a higher chance of approaching you.
Delight for Pilpoil Accelerates the growth of Pilpoil.

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