The Rathalos is one of the last monsters in novice mode that you will have to face in order to find the traces of Zorah Magdaros. The mission "A Burning Throne in the Peaks (★★★★★)" will confront you with this enemy. This enemy is able to fly, breathe fire and trap you in its claws. Use all the natural traps of the Ancient Forest to inflict maximum damage on it: drop a rock on its head, trap it in natural vines or make a waterfall fall on this terrible creature.

Animal regions: Ancient forest

Rathalos Physiology

Weaknesses of the animal:

Feu ❌ Poison ★
Water ★ Sleep ★★
Lightning ★★ Paralysis ★★
Ice ★ Explosion ★
Dragon ★★★ Stun ★★

Pet Rewards:

injuries Object (Novice) Object (Expert)
Head Carapace Rathalos
Rathalos Plate
Breastplate Rathalos
Rubis Rathalos
Two Marrow Rathalos
Rathian Plate
Medula Rathalos
Rubis Rathalos
Wings Palmure Rathalos Aile Rathalos
Queue Queue Rathalos
Rathian Plate
Queue Rathalos
Rubis Rathalos
On the ground Carapace Rathalos Breastplate Rathalos
Skinning Object (Novice) Object (Expert)
Rathalos Scale Rathalos Scale+
Carapace Rathalos Breastplate Rathalos
Palmure Rathalos Aile Rathalos
Marrow Rathalos Medulla Rathalos
Rathalos Plate Rathalos Plate
Rubis Rathalos
Rewards Object (Novice) Object (Expert)
Carapace Rathalos Breastplate Rathalos
Rathalos Scale Rathalos Scale+
Serre Rathalos Aile Rathalos
Palmure Rathalos Queue Rathalos
Queue Rathalos Rathalos Plate
Rathalos Plate The hard ones
monster ones Few infernal
pocket of flame
Audio Video Rathalos
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