Paladin Danse

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Philippe Gloaguen
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This part of the guide Fallout 4 is dedicated to the character of Paladin Danse. Here you will find all the information about this character: his preferences, his quests and his special ability.

Le Paladin Danse is the very archetype of the Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel. Proud, violent and inflexible, he will stop at nothing to establish the power of the CDA. You cross his path while he is busy fending off an invasion of ghouls on his own. Faced with your talent for killing, Danse agrees to induct you into the CDA and become your mentor.

Recruitment: Complete the quest "Shadow of the Brotherhood"

Affinity Quest: "A Blind Betrayal"

romance: yes

Faction: Brotherhood of Steel

Special skill: Know your enemy (+20ù damage against ghouls, super mutants and synthetics)

Likes: Friendliness, Violence, Power Armor, Vertibirds, Weapon and Armor Mod

Dislikes: Meanness, drugs, cannibalism, NPC killing, stealing and lock picking

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