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In this section of the Monster Hunter World Walkthrough, we will explain how to calculate the damage of your weapon and know which one to craft according to your play style. Each weapon has its own damage range called “True raw” (picture1). Example :

  • Basic Dual Blades: 112 damage
  • Basic hammer: 416 damage

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The actual damage of your Monster Hunter weapon:

One could therefore think that the Double Blade is less efficient than the Hammer. Except that the damage is calculated with the help of a damage multiplier. Below is the multiplier table for each weapon:

Poor Attack (basic) Attack (+3) Attack (+9) Multiplier
Hammer 468 484 515 5.2
hunting horn 378 391 416 4.2
Switch Ax 350 361 382 3.5
great sword 480 494 523 4.8
Face-hache 324 335 356 3.6
long sword 330 340 360 3.3
Insect Glaive 310 319 338 3.1
Throw 230 237 251 2.3
Lancecanon 230 237 251 2.3
heavy bowgun 150 155 164 1.5
Sword & Shield 126 130 139 1.4
Double blades 140 144 153 1.4
Light Bowgun 130 134 142 1.3
Arc 120 120 131 1.2

Don't be afraid when you see this painting. The last column is the most important, it allows you to know the multiplier of your weapon. To stay on our example, here is the actual damage that the Double Blade and the hammer will inflict:

  • Basic Dual Blades: (112/1.4) = 80 damage
  • Basic Hammer: (416/5.2) = 80 damage

The two weapons will therefore be equivalent in terms of real damage.

Choose your Monster Hunter weapon upgrade wisely:

This multiplier will then influence the way you choose to improve your weapon. In Monster Hunter World, you have the choice between:

  • Craft a weapon based on elemental damage.
  • Crafting a weapon based on raw damage.

To continue with our example, a Dual Blade will deal less damage but hit more often. The Hammer will hit less often but do more damage. It is therefore more interesting to craft a Double Blade with elemental damage. Why ? Because the elemental damage is influenced by the multiplier of your weapon.

If a weapon gives you +20 elemental damage, each hit of the weapon will affix its elemental damage (modified by the multiplier) in addition to its raw damage. However, a Dual Blade will hit more often than a Hammer.

In summary, prefer to add raw damage to weapons with a multiplier greater than 3.5 and elemental damage (fire, water, lightning, ice or dragon) to weapons with a multiplier less than 3.0.

Don't forget either that the affinity rate (critical hits) as well as the sharpness of the weapon is very important. It will allow you to significantly increase your damage to a monster.

But what about Longsword and Insect Glaive weapons that are between 3.5 and 3.0?

These weapons are hybrids, a longsword can both be efficient in raw damage but also in elemental, just like the Insect Glaive. It's up to you to choose according to your opponent, your way of playing... You will find below a summary of the way in which you must improve your weapons.

Poor Attack (basic) Multiplier Choice of weapon
Hammer 468 5.2 Gross damage
hunting horn 378 4.2 Gross damage
Switch Ax 350 3.5 Gross damage
great sword 480 4.8 Gross damage
Face-hache 324 3.6 Gross damage
long sword 330 3.3 Hybrid
Insect Glaive 310 3.1 Hybrid
Throw 230 2.3 Elementary
Lancecanon 230 2.3 Elementary
heavy bowgun 150 1.5 Elementary
Sword & Shield 126 1.4 Elementary
Double blades 140 1.4 Elementary
Light Bowgun 130 1.3 Elementary
Arc 120 1.2 Elementary
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