Of all colors 2

This part of the Soluce Monster Hunter Stories 2 is dedicated to the side quest "In All Colors 2". Here you will find the progress of the mission as well as information on its activation conditions and the rewards obtained.

Activation : fascinated girl

Access conditions: Complete the "Ascension" quest

Reward : Resistance Meat x5

Talk to the little girl in Lulucion Square and then activate the โ€œBlack Holeโ€ mission from the quest panel to make a Black Diablos appear in the desert (picture1). After that, you can go near the fast travel point in the center of the desert and face the monster in question (pictures2-3).

1 picture

2 picture

3 picture

Scare this creature away with a marker and retrieve an egg from its lair before going to show your new Monstie to the kid (picture4).

4 picture

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