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Here is the list of bonuses to unlock, as well as their conditions of obtaining:

Brand Jordan Outfit 2

Perform 10 counters in a match

Brand Jordan Outfit 4

Make 10 interceptions in a game

Chicago All-Stars

Battre les Chicago Bulls en match Back-to-Basics

Detroit All-Stars

Beat the Detroit Pistons in a Back-to-Basics match

Jordan 9.5 Team

Win either 5 Back-to-Basics matches, 5 GB Battles, 5 Pick Ups, or 5 Trick Battles

Jordan Hoops Lo

Win either 15 Back-to-Basics matches, 15 GB Battles, 15 Pick Ups, or 15 Trick Battles

Jordan Laney 23

Gagner 30 matches Back-to-Basics, ou 30 Pick Up

Jordan Show Em Lo

Win 30 GB Battle, or 30 Trick Battles

Jordan XXI PE

Gagner 100 matches Pick Up

Los Angeles All-Stars

Beat the Los Angeles Lakers in a Pick Up game

New Jersey All-Stars

Defeat the New Jersey Nets in a Trick Battle match

New York All-Stars

Beat the New York Knicks in a GB Battle match

Oakland All-Stars

Defeat the Golden State Warriors in a Trick Battle match

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