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The Nargacuga is a powerful, mostly forest-dwelling Flying Wyvern first introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. This creature will appear during the main quest "Ubiquitous Shadow (★★★)" from DLC: Iceborne. The Nargacuga is immune to water attacks and particularly sensitive to the "Lightning" element.

Animal regions: Ancient Forest and Coral Plateau.

Nargacuga Physiology

Weaknesses of the animal:

Feu ★★ Poison ★★
Water Sleep ★★
Lightning ★★★ Paralysis ★★
Ice Explosion ★★
Dragon Stun ★★

Pet Rewards:

Head Nargacuga Heavy Fang
Mante Nargacuga
front legs Alfange Nargacuga
Queue Nargacuga Whip
Mante Nargacuga
On the ground Poinqueue Nargaguga
Skinning Rewards
Shard Nargacuga Nargacuga Fur
Nargacuga Fur Shard Nargacuga
Nargacuga Heavy Fang Poinqueue Nargaguga
Poinqueue Nargaguga Nargacuga Heavy Fang
Nargacuga Whip Alfange Nargacuga
Mante Nargacuga Nargacuga Whip
Audio Video Nargacuga
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