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The Mordino casino is located in the southern district of the city (image1). Go up one floor and chat with Big Jesus Mordino (image2). He will then give you your first mission.

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The first mission is to bring a briefcase to Ramirez at the stables. You appear directly there accepting. Simply speak with the guard in the left building to give him the briefcase (image3). Take advantage of being here to visit a bit. Just above, chat with the scientist (image4). With a bit of charisma and nice speeches, you can ask him for his badge to meet Myron.

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Go down to the basement and talk to the guards watching Myron: present the badge or play your charms if you are a woman in order to enter and talk to Myron, the creator of the Jet (image5). You can offer him to join your party if you wish, but leave him behind when you return to talk with Mordino. Now go back to Big Jesus to get your reward and get your second mission.

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This time, you must recover money from the Corsican brothers. Head to the central area of 鈥嬧媡he city and enter the Golden Globes Porn to talk with a Corsican brother (image6). Collect the money then return to Mordino.

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For the last mission, he asks you to eliminate the boss Salvatore, who is upstairs from his bar, Salvatore's Bar, in the central district. (image7). Do it and you will be accepted into the family. If you don't want to be part of it anymore, use Jet on Mordino and eliminate everyone.

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