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Dance Monster hunter rise, there are eight types of quests, to be collected directly from the Quest counter by talking with your assistant (pictures1to3).

  • Urgent quest (main quest): advances the main story. With some exceptions, after completing an urgent quest, it will become a basic mission that can be restarted.
  • Village quest (main quest): allows you to unlock urgent quests, improve your character and get new rewards and features.
  • Training quest (tutorial): explains how the Monster Hunter license works and what's new in the Rise version.
  • Optional sub-quest (secondary quest): equivalent of the free missions and contracts of the previous opuses allowing you to recover optional objectives that you will have to accomplish during your quests and/or explorations.

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  • Calamity Quest: mission taking place in the form of a Tower Defense and asking you to protect the gates of the Red Fortress by placing units and/or using the equipment at your disposal.
  • Special permit test: quest giving you direct access to a higher level of difficulty at Grand-Camp. Available if you have made enough progress in the village quests.
  • Grand Camp Novice Quests: allows you to unlock the rest of the story after the village quests. The progression will be done in the same way with the urgent quests.
  • Grand-Camp Expert Quests: level 4★ quests will be considered expert. They will allow you to obtain new components, weapons and armor as well as face the most powerful large monsters in Monster Hunter Rise.

To advance the scenario, you will have to complete a certain number of village quests in order to obtain urgent quests (pictures4to6). These will allow you to explore new environments, face new monsters, upgrade your equipment and unlock new skills at the same time.

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