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In this part of the fallout 76 walkthrough, you will discover the complete progress of the Main Quest Missing Persons of the update Reign of Steel.

While waiting for your next mission, go see Valdez in Fort Atlas (picture1). She informs you that Marcia Leone cannot be found. Go down to the fort’s kitchen to ask Maximo Leone, Marcia’s brother, for information (picture2).

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Then, go to Conscript Ramirez to mention the Crater raiders (picture3).

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Now go to the Crater (picture4), and enter the building (picture5).

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Follow the discussion between Marcia and Pierce (picture6), then discuss with them to understand the situation. Your next objective is to go to the AMS Headquarters, in the city of Watoga (picture7).

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Once there, take the elevator to reach the AMS headquarters (picture8). Eliminate the Puma mercenary to save Marcia (picture9), then talk to her (picture10).

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After the discussion, interact with the cylinder to access the third floor (picture11). Get rid of the robots and mercenaries on this floor, and pick up the dove necklace next to the terminal (picture12).

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Show your discovery to Marcia, climb the steps and examine the corpse of the looter (pictures13and14). After a short discussion with Marcia, go get the hastily written note in a nearby room (picture15).

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Now follow the new marker to arrive in front of a locked door (picture16). Use the terminal just in front (picture17), select “Reserved for Pumas”, then “Open the door”.

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Continue your exploration of this floor until you reach Kit on the top floor (pictures18and19).

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Kill the mercenaries and settle his score with Kit (picture20). Search his corpse to retrieve the message “The Blue Mountains deliver again” (picture21). Inform Marcia of your discovery, then search the office to retrieve the AMS basement key (picture22).

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Now go back to the reception (picture23) and open the door to the underground laboratory (picture24).

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Progress in the basement eliminating the various enemies, until you find Sheena and Birk locked in cells (picture25). Use the nearby terminal to free them (picture26).

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After this action, discuss one last time with Marcia and choose if you want her to return to the Brotherhood or to join the Pillagers (picture27). In any case, return to Fort Atlas to report to Scribe Valdez (picture28).

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