Mirror's Edge Catalyst - The Subtleties of the Freerun System

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The most important point in Mirror's Edge Catalyst, is to know Faith's maximum fall height. This is very important, because it will tell you when you can jump without using the roll, because the latter slows you down when you use it. Do not hesitate to use the elements of the scenery to go down twice, instead of jumping below and wasting time because of your roll.

2Acceleration Maximum Speed

The other crucial element to understand if you want to be effective is to press the dodge button each time you lose speed. Whether it's after taking a 90° turn, after a roll, coming out of an air duct, landing on a zip line, etc. This will allow you to save precious seconds essential to obtain the 3 stars in the many races offered by the software.

3The Accelerated Ascension

When Faith climbs a Ladder or any element on a wall, the latter climbs at a default rate which can be accelerated. In addition to the "Efficiency Climbing" movement technique to buy, there is a trick that will again save you time. To do this, tap the jump button while looking up, so that Faith jumps and hangs on the bar or the element above.

4The Rocket Jump

The rocket jump is the best way to cross the elements of the environment, so it is advisable to always use it when you have the possibility. As long as the object that serves as a springboard is not too far from your path, make a small hook to lean on it in order to propel yourself.

5The Sphere

This is one of the techniques to buy with experience points, but it will be essential if you want to break records. It is indeed thanks to her that you will be able to raise Faith's legs, which allows her to pass over elements without slowing down if she steps over them.

6La Glissade Roulade

In addition to the "Extended Slide" technique to unlock, there is another trick to get back quickly after performing a roll. As soon as you slide under an element of the decor or in an air duct, keep pressing the slide button then the roll button. Faith will then get up at the end of the roll, automatically reaching her maximum speed as she passes.

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