Minecraft Guide and Walkthrough

Minecraft walkthrough: A true icon in the independent games community, Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox that has seen the birth of block masterpieces straight out of the craziest minds. If the imagination is our only limit in the game of Markus Persson and Jens Bergensten, there are real dangers and recipes to know if we hope to survive especially in the extreme conditions hardcore mode. This is where Forealplayers comes in!

We have concocted for budding architects a Minecraft guide gathering useful information with supporting images on the Minecraft environment and its biomes and tool crafting recipes, food recipes, alchemy potions, etc. In short, a complete walkthrough of Minecraft with everything the player needs to get off to a good start!

  • Tips for getting started

    • Survive your first day
    • Survive your first night
    • The next days
  • Game Modes

  • Environment and Biomes

    • The ocean
    • The plains
    • The desert
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  • Creature Guide

    • Pets
    • Passive creatures
    • enemies
  • The Blocks

    • natural blocks
    • Crafted Blocks
    • Decorative blocks
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  • Methods of transportation

  • The food

  • Tools

  • Weapons and armor

  • Raw materials

  • Various objects

  • All Minecraft Recipes

    • How to craft items in Minecraft?
    • Block making
    • Manufacture of decorative blocks
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  • How does alchemy work?

  • How does enchantment work?

  • All about the Nether

    • Enter the Nether
    • Exploration du Nether
  • All About Ender

    • Enter Ender
    • Defeat the Ender Dragon
  • Minecraft Story Mode

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