Methods of transportation

In this part of the guide Minecraft, we will focus on vehicles available in-game. You will find a description of each to understand their utility. Attention: All minecarts require the installation of rails to be usable.


The basic minecart allows you to move faster over a long distance, provided you have installed rails first. Simply right-click when approaching this vehicle to enter it. By pressing the left "Ctrl" you get off the minecart.

storage wagon

With a storage wagon, you can store your gear in the trunk, and move everything on rails. Very useful when making a large mine in the depths of Minecraft, to avoid regular returns to your shelter.

Motorized wagon

The powered minecart is used to push other minecarts close to it. You need to put fuel in the furnace, like coal or charcoal, to keep it going.

TNT wagon

Combined with trigger rails, the TNT Minecart allows you to blast walls when you throw it over them. You can disable the TNT by simply destroying the minecart it's mounted on.

Funnel Cart

This minecart allows you to pick up items on the ground. He must pass close to objects to retrieve them. 


The base rails are used to move your minecarts over a greater or lesser distance in the world of Minecraft. It is possible to make turns by placing the rails, which allows you to make relatively complex circuits in your mines.

Propulsion rails

Propulsion rails serve two purposes. If they are powered, they are used to accelerate the minecarts that pass over them. On the other hand, if they are off, they are used to stop the minecarts. Unlike basic rails, you cannot make turns with this type of rail.

Detector rails

These rails act in the same way as the detection plates. When a minecart passes over it, a redstone signal is generated and transmits to adjacent blocks. with this system, you can perform a sequence of actions around your rails.

Trigger rails

These rails are used to trigger the explosion of TNT minecarts that pass over them, or to deactivate the funnel minecarts.

Horse / donkey / mule

A wild-bred horse can be used as a mount, provided you tame it by giving it food, such as wheat. You can also try to tame it by interacting with it with a right mouse click. Once tamed, you can place a saddle on it, or armor to protect it. In the case of a donkey or a mule, you can place a chest on their back, useful for transporting your equipment over a long distance.


As with horses, a pig can be used as a mount. Simply install a saddle on a pig to be able to ride it. To get him going, equip a carrot on a stick and wave it in front of him when you're on his back.


Last means of transport of Minecraft, the boat. With only 5 planks of wood, you can make yourself a small boat and place it in a body of water. Climb inside using the right mouse click, and navigate the ocean by moving in the same way as if you were on dry land.

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