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Luigi this Mr Clean

It's funny that in Luigi's Mansion 2, if you place your character under any water-spewing pipe, it will start to cleaning his cap while whistling as if he was alone in the shower! As long as he doesn't take the overalls off...

Written by the 30/08/2013

Obtain all Boos

Get all Boos in Luigi's Mansion 2 on 3DS :

Search the object or area they are hiding in:

  • Despair Manor Boo
  • Boo from the Tours of detours
  • Boo du Pendularium
  • Boo from the Mine of Mysteries
  • Boo from the house of collections

Then use the Révéloscope to make it appear and suck it up like conventional ghosts. You will have to do it several times until you have improved the Ectoblast 5000.

Written by the 11/04/2013

Unlock all Bonus Levels

Luigi's Mansion 2 Bonus Levels on 3DS

The names of the levels in blue are clickable and lead you to the solution of the level concerned.

  • The great invasion

Collect all the Boos in Despair Manor.

  • A regular attack

Suck up all the Boo from the Towers of Detours.

  • Unexpected intervention

Capture all the Boos in the Pendularium.

  • Spirit War

Obtain all Boos from the Mystery Mine.

  • Ominous Incursion

Collect all the Boos in the House of Collections.

Written by the 11/04/2013

Unlock the Haunted Tower

Unlock access to Luigi's Mansion 2 Haunted Tower on 3DS

  • Complete the level A-4: Illusions found of Luigi's Mansion 2's Manor of Despair for access to the Haunted Tower in other words, the multiplayer mode of Luigi's Mansion 2 on 3DS.
Written by the 11/04/2013

Luigi's statuettes

Unlock all the statuettes of Luigi in Luigi's Mansion 2 on 3DS

  • To get all of the Luigi statues in Professor K. Tastroff's vault, collect all gems in all the worlds of Luigi's Mansion 2.
  • Mansion of Despair Gems
  • Detour Tower Gems
  • Pendularium Gems
  • Mystery Mine Gems
  • House of Collections Gems
Written by the 11/04/2013

Obtain all three medals

Obtain all 3 medals from the Luigi's Mansion 2 title screen on 3DS

  • Medal #1

Complete the "Black Moon Quest" mode.

  • Medal #2

Get a 3-star rank for every mission in "Dark Moon Quest" mode.

  • Medal #3

Complete K.Tastroff's Vault by obtaining all Gems, Boos, and Ghosts (Haunted Tower included).

Written by the 11/04/2013

Get more money from ghosts

Get more money from the ghosts of Luigi's Mansion 2 on 3DS

  • Upgrade The Ectoblast 5000 until you get the Aspir'A niv. 3, this is the third improvement out of a total of five
  • When sucking up a ghost when you press "A" at the end of the first notch, you get 3 parts only.
  • When Luigi absorbs a ghost by pressing "A" at the end of the second stage, you get 1 lingot d'or worth 20 coins. Note that it is possible to perform this action with the Sacripons by being extremely fast.
  • Gobble up the ghosts by pressing "A" at the end of the red gauge to glean no less than 3 bars by ghost caught. It is possible to multiply this sum as many times as there are ghosts captured simultaneously.
Written by the 29/03/2013

The improvements of the Ectoblast 5000

Ectoblast 5000 improvements

  • Aspir'A niv 2: Increases the suction gauge by one step to capture ghosts faster and obtain a gold bar.
  • Reveloscope level 2: Extends the gauge of the Révéloscope. It overheats less quickly.
  • Aspir'A niv 3: Increase the suction gauge by one more step to capture ghosts even faster and get three gold bars.
  • Reveloscope level 3 (10 coins): Further lengthens the gauge of the Révéloscope. It overheats much slower.
  • Super Ectoblast (20 coins): The suction gauge fills up faster. The "final attacks" with "A" are therefore accessible more quickly.
Written by the 29/03/2013
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