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Although optional, we strongly advise you to do this training quest which will explain how to ride a large monster. After reaching the arena of Monster hunter rise, collect the Spectroiseau on your right as well as all the items in the blue chest (pictures1and2). Then drop into the arena and chat with Utsushi the master (picture3).

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Collect a Spider-Doll (picture4), talk again with Utsushi and then use your Silk Link: (weapon drawn) ZL + X or A. After several tries, come back to Utsushi (pictures5and6).

Filoptere actions: different actions are possible thanks to the Filoptere. Perform a quick aerial maneuver with a boost, use a weapon-specific technique with Silk Binding, or regain your balance with a Filochute.

A depleted Filoptera gauge is restored over time and can be used again. The consumption and time required for restoration vary depending on the action. Capturing a wild Filoptera temporarily increases the gauge by 1.

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Utsushi will then open the arena door and make an Arzuros appear (picture7). Use your Item Bar and place a Spider-Doll on the ground (picture8). When the big monster touches it, it will be instantly tied up, giving you the option to press the A button to ride it (picture9).

Wyvern Ride: "Ride of Wyverns" is a state to control a monster trapped in Iron Silk. Hold R and press Left Stick to move. Use A and X to attack and B to dodge.

While riding a wyvern, press Y to dismount and throw the monster. If he hits an obstacle or a wall, it will hurt him and knock him down. By knocking the monster you are riding onto another monster, you can force the latter to be mounted.

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On a wyvern, if you attack monsters, the Wyvern Ride gauge will fill up (picture10). When it is full, you can cast an Upward Punishment (picture11). But be careful, when it is full, it gradually empties. So try to perform an Upward Punishment before it is too late (picture12).

The timer shows you how long you can ride, decreasing over time but also when monsters attack you. Once the time is up, your mount will eject you. So be careful and do what you wanted to do before it's too late...

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Attacks and knockdowns on the back of wyverns can be canceled by pressing B (picture13), consuming part of the Filoptere gauge for the occasion. If you execute a Dodge and an Emergency Dodge when a monster attacks you, it will be stunned and you can then perform an Evasion (picture14).

The types of attack available when riding wyverns differ depending on the type of monster (picture15). Use different combinations with X, A and the left stick to access new attacks.

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When you are on the Arzuros, press the buttons displayed at the bottom right of the screen to go to the next part of the tutorial (picture16).

Silk link: a technique typical of Kamura hunters. Use the Filoptera to quickly reach your target (picture17). Hold ZL and press X to move vertically, A to move forward, and ZR to move in the aimed direction. Throws can be done in a row and towards a wall to run over.

Each weapon has its own Silk Link technique using a Filoptera (picture18). This cannot be used with the weapon sheathed. To use it, draw your weapon, hold ZL (swordsman) or R (gunner) and press X or A. Try different types of weapons to discover all the techniques.

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Can be overlapped: the "Ridable" state is triggered by attacking monsters enough with jump attacks with Filoptera or Silk Link techniques, by letting them fight each other or by using local Fauna. Approach the monster and hit it or put away your weapon by pressing A to start Wyvern Ride.

Techniques jumped with Filoptera and Silk Link techniques inflict damage that can trigger the "Ridable" state in monsters and therefore appear as special damage.

Afterwards, a second Arzuros will arrive in the arena allowing you to confront them (picture19). Utsushi will explain how to use your light and strong attacks while teaching you dodges (pictures20and21).

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Throw monsters: throws the monster you are riding, sending it straight onto obstacles, which inflicts heavy damage and knocks it down (picture22). Be sure to aim for a wall or obstacle when throwing a monster to maximize the damage dealt.

After throwing a monster on a wall or an obstacle, press B to regain your footing by consuming your Filoptere gauge. Note that by throwing it again in this state, you can injure it again.

Mounted punishment: once your gauge is full, press X + A to perform a devastating Mounted Punishment (picture23). This move is not available for very long, so use it before you get knocked out by the monster.

When Mounted Punishment is available, you can use X and A attacks to knock down monsters each time. In fact, do not hesitate to do it for fast or agile monsters to make sure you succeed with your final blow (picture24).

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