Kushala Daora

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Marie-Ange Demory
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This Elder Dragon is one of the last in Monster Hunter World. Able to protect itself with its wind, its metallic skin gives it excellent resistance to most of your attacks. You will have to use a Lightning or Dragon weapon in priority to overcome it. Note that abilities of the type: Explosion and Poison will also be able to overcome it provided that they target its weakest parts.

Animal regions: Ancient Forest and Land of the Ancients

Physiology of Kushala Daora

Weaknesses of the animal:

Feu Poison ★★★
Water Sleep
Lightning ★★★ Paralysis
Ice Explosion ★★★
Dragon ★★ Stun ★★

Pet Rewards:

injuries Object (Expert)
Head Corne Daora +
Save Daora
Wings Palmure Daora
Queue Queue Daora
Save Daora
On the ground Cuirasse Daora
Skinning Object (Expert)
Daora Scale+
Cuirasse Daora
Grips Daora +
Corne Daora +
Palmure Daora
Save Daora
Rewards Object (Expert)
Cuirasse Daora
Daora Scale+
Grips Daora +
Palmure Daora
Elder Dragon Bone
Elder Dragon Blood
Audio Video Kushala Daora
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