Is there a mobile app for Wordle?

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With all the hype surrounding Wordle, you'll probably want to try it yourself or find an easy way to continue playing the game. Most gamers these days own a cellphone that can download an app, which facilitates access to most sites. If your a Wordle fan, you are probably wondering about all Wordle apps on IOS and Android.

If you type Wordle in your app store search bar, you will get a lot of returns. It's actually surprising how many "versions" or Wordle seem to exist. You probably think that such a popular game surely has an app, so one of them must be real.

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The truth is that Wordle does not currently have an app on the IOS or Android store. There are tons of fake, ad-laden apps out there, and some have horrible gameplay. You can usually spot some of the fake Wordles because they have an extra symbol added to the title or have more words than "Wordle" in the title.

If you are looking to play the official Wordle game, check out the official website. If you want to play more than one word puzzle per day, click here for a list of games similar to Wordle.

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