Is Loop Hero coming to IOS and Android?

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Loop Hero is a tactical roguelike game that is frankly downright addicting. It launched on Steam to massive success and was recently released on Nintendo Switch. Loop Hero's gameplay loop is perfectly adapted to mobile, which may leave fans wondering if it's coming to IOS and Android.

Unfortunately, Loop Hero is not available on mobile, and there is no official release date for this addictive roguelike. But developer Four Quarters said: “Yes, we will try to port the game to many platforms, including mobile! in a Steam discussion forum.

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They expressed interest in porting Loop Hero to both IOS and Android, but didn't give a timeline for it. Loop Hero's gameplay is perfect for mobile as the game is basically played with player guidance. Porting it to mobile would also allow gamers to enjoy the game anywhere.

One of the reasons for no word on the release date on mobile could be the controls and precision required when placing tiles. Whatever the reason, fans will have to stick with the PC and Nintendo Switch versions to satisfy their Loop Hero addiction!

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