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Through the Hunting Horn, you play music to give bonuses to you and your companions. You can play while attacking, making it an ideal weapon for offense and defense.

Scores and performances: the fighter body can play three different notes depending on which buttons you press. When you attack, the notes appear on the score. After a certain combination of notes, press to play a melody and get its effects.

By playing the same melody twice in a row, the effects will be prolonged or reinforced. Each melody has its own effects. If you want specific effects for a hunt, you need to equip yourself with a hunting horn that has the right melodies.

Double notes : when an attack hits its target, a note (♪) on the musical staff changes to a double note (♫). Play a melody with double notes to get the effect of the current melody combined with that of the previous melody.

Gorgeous trio: attack and chain 3 varied notes of the music stick to keep the melody. Perform the Magnificent Trio to keep all the melody effects.

The melodies: play your melodies in order by pressing R2/RT. Simultaneously press R2 / RT and an attack key to start your recital from the second or third melody.

Musical attacks: the shockwave created by the hunting horn when you play has great attack and stun power, making this hit an attack in its own right. You can also chain it with a normal attack or interrupt the melody by performing a roll.

The effects of melodies: you can tell if a party member is within range of your melodies by checking the icon that appears next to their name.

Infernal Melody: after filling the gauge next to the score by attacking, you will be able to activate a special melody. To do this, press ZR after a Magnificent Trio or a Rhythmic Slide.

Rhythmic slide: a Silk Link attack that activates with ZL + X. Use a Filoptere to launch a spinning attack by propelling yourself. Grants you bonuses through the effects of the melody.

Earthquake: a Silk Link attack that activates with ZL + A. Projects a blade connected to your weapon with Iron Silk and transmits explosive sonic attacks (Cost Filoptere gauge: 2).

Hunting Horn Commands:

My Orders Switch
left kick X
Right hit A
Backstroke X+A
Play ZR
Gorgeous threesome ZR + X

Using the movements of the hunting horn :

Mouvement Description
Play Use attacks to place Notes on the Score in the correct order and store a Melody. Play the stored Melody to activate its effects on yourself or your allies.

Press X while holding ZR to select Stored Melody. Replay the same melody with a Recall to lengthen or enhance its effect.
Symphonie Play Note 2 while moving or right after another Note 2 attack to execute two hits. Press Note 1, 2, or 3 between two attacks for a Symphony, which lets you play an additional note during the last attack.

List of combos from the hunting horn :

Stationary Combo
Mouvement Right hit + left kick + Right hit + Lateral roll (left / right)
Switch A + X + A + Stick + B
Advancing combo
Mouvement Front shot + Double hit + Annihilation + vertical shot
Switch Stick + X + X+A + A + X+A
Combo with Magnificent Trio
Mouvement Right hit + left kick + vertical shot + Gorgeous threesome
Switch A + X + X+A + ZR + X

List of melody effects :

Melody Description
Self-improvement Temporarily increases movement speed and prevents your attacks from being parried.
Attack + Temporarily increases attack.
Defense + Temporarily increases defense.
Life Recovery (S) Restores a small amount of life.
Song of fiery rage Significantly increases attack for a period of time.
Audio Video hunting horn
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