How to View Seasonal Challenges in Destiny 2

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Bungie added Seasonal Challenges to Destiny 2 during Season of the Chosen, and since then these challenges have added an extra incentive to replay PVE missions and earn additional rewards in Crucible. Each week, players face a handful of seasonal challenges that award weapons, extra XP, shiny dust, and extra resources to complete.

To view the list of Seasonal Challenges in Destiny 2, follow these steps:

  • Open Director
  • Tap the Season tab located at the top right
  • Press Seasonal Challenges
    • This button is below the Season Pass progress tracks

Challenges appear weekly, so if you're viewing the list during the first week, you won't see subsequent weeks until the season naturally progresses. But, some hardcore players datamine the game and often manage to keep up with the full list of seasonal challenges throughout the season.

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Objectives also vary throughout Destiny 2 content. Some challenges may require you to collect resources like Ether, while others require you to play particular Crucible playlists. Regardless of the objectives, players can expect the challenges to span from PVP to PVE.

Seasonal challenges can be completed at any time during a Destiny 2 season. Don't worry, if you start during week five, you can still complete all previous challenges. They won't lock after the week ends, so you can still earn those great rewards.

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