How to Find Trivial Mysteries in Destiny 2

One of the challenges in Destiny 2 Season of the Lost is called Ley Line Rumors and tasks you with finding three trivial mysteries. These are found in the HELM activity that can be launched from the Dreaming City map and exist as openable chests.

There are seven Trivial Mysteries available in the first week of Season 15, and this guide shows you how to find them all.

Trivial Mystery 1: The Crypt in the Dark Forest

The first chest is located directly on the path from where you spawn in the activity. It's in a cave protected by a barrier in the area just before your each church. With the larger building to your left, you will see a small gated crypt.

Activate the church beacon, then return to the crypt, activate the Barrier Breach, and head inside. The chest will appear locked behind bars, but you can turn left and follow the hallway to find it in an alcove.

Trivial Mystery 2: The Dark Forest

There is a second barrier to cross guarding the entrance to a dark cave. Exit the crypt and head straight back to the spawn path.

Once in the cave, immediately turn left to find it.

Trivial Mystery 3: The approaches to the courtyard

Go back to the church and go behind it, to the back left corner. There will be a path of platforms leading past an ascending anchor.

Keep going until you reach a small set of ruins. There is no barrier breach visible, but jump on the rocks next to the locked building and you can activate one anyway.

You can then go through the door and recover.

Trivial Mystery 4: The Outer Ruins

Return to the graveyard, head to the right, taking the set of platforms leading to another purple barrier door in the distance.

You'll need to go through a slow area, jump to a small outcrop, and then proceed to the second level. The Barrier Breach pillar lives right behind where you climb. Go through the barrier to find the mysterious chest on a platform a short distance away.

Trivial Mystery 5: The Sunken Cave

On your way to the second beacon, you will reach an area called The Ruins. Clear the area of ​​enemies and head to the far right of the area to see a True Sight pillar. Look above the cliff and you will see a second pillar.

There will be a cave on your left. Continue down and pass the ascending anchor. Activate Barrier Breach and open the chest there.

Trivial Mystery 6 : Le Moulin

After activating the second beacon, you will see a water wheel in front. Climb onto the roof of the mill and cross to the opposite end.

Drop down to the platform at its end and activate the Barrier Breach.

The barrier in question will be directly behind you. Go inside the mill, kill the enemies, then open the chest.

Trivial Mystery 7: The Frightened Cliffs Cave

There are two ways to reach the seventh and final (for now) Mystery Chest. Activate Barrier Breach from inside the mill, then book directly across the field to the barrier across from the waterwheel.

You'll have to go through a brief slowdown zone and move as fast as your class can allow you. At low upgrade levels you will have fifteen seconds and you will need all of them to reach the cave.

Alternatively, you can climb the set of platforms behind and to the right of the beacon until you reach their top, then look down to the island below. There are three ability pillars and an ascending anchor there.

Turn around once you reach the platform and jump through the barrier to find the chest waiting for you.

That's it for the first available set of Trivial Mysteries and Mystery Chests. Check out our other Destiny 2: Season of the Lost articles in the meantime!

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