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In Cyberpunk 2077, most quests are relatively straightforward with their objectives and follow a similar pattern until completion. However, the Happy Together quest breaks up the usual routine and requires you to do extensive leg work. That said, if you keep reading below, we'll have all the steps you need to take to complete the Happy Together quest in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to get the best Happy Together ending in Cyberpunk 2077

This is where you can start the Happy Together quest in Cyberpunk.

To do the Happy Together quest in Cyberpunk 2077, you must first reach the start of Act 2 of the game. Once you are at this point, simply leave your apartment and you will encounter two NCPD agents knocking on the apartment door. If you ask the reason for this, they will tell you that they are trying to check if a comrade named Barry has been out recently.

After a bit more dialogue, you should eventually be given the task of checking Barry out as their attempts were futile. To check out Barry, just walk to the apartment door the two NPCD cops were knocking on and press the chat option when it appears.

The door you have to knock on to see Barry.

Barry will warn you then, and you will have to come back later to progress in the quest; I would suggest doing another quest or time skipping via the option in your inventory menu. When some time has passed, return to Barry's apartment and try again; this time will succeed, and Barry will open the door. You will then be presented with several dialog options; Check out the list below for which you should choose.

First round

  • Stay Strong – Don't choose this option if you want the best ending; this will lead to Barry closing his door on you and only leading to a bad ending.
  • I just want to talk – This is the option you want to choose if you don't meet the requirements for the third. This will lead to more dialogue options, and Barry will let you into his apartment to talk.
  • People like us have to get used to the loss – The third choice you have requires ten body attribute points; if you don't have it, don't worry because it leads to the same result as the second one.
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Second round

  • Your friends asked me to drop by – Choose this option if you want Barry to let you in to talk more about his problem.
  • You should go out, live a little! – Do not choose this option if you want the best ending; like the previous one, this will lead to Barry getting angry and closing his door on you.

After choosing the “Your friends asked me to drop by” option, Barry will let you into his apartment, and you can talk to him and get more information. Proceed, to progress, wait for Barry to sit on a couch nearby, then go forward and choose the dialogue option, "I lost someone too."

Selecting this option will open another dialog string and you will get two options. You don't have to worry about either of them as both of them won't end the conversation with Barry and only move forward. That said, choose the blue option "NPCD didn't improve, did it?" to hear parallel dialogue, and the "And your friends on the force?" to skip to the next channel.

Then you will get three more options, but before choosing any of them, select "How did Andrew die?" option; this will reveal vital information and a secondary objective crucial to getting the best ending for Happy Together. After that, check the list below to know which option you should choose next.

  • Everyone has their limits – Choose this option after choosing the third; it will also end the conversation on a good note and allow you to progress further in the quest for the best ending.
  • People die, you move on - Don't choose this option if you're looking for the best ending as it will lead to the bad ending.
  • So Andrew was like a grandfather to you? – The 3rd option reveals crucial information like the one we mentioned earlier. For this reason, we recommend choosing this one first and then selecting "Everyone has their limits".
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When you choose the first option, Barry will politely ask you to leave his apartment; do this, and you'll get two objectives. The first is to talk to the two NPCD agents; another is to visit a graveyard location, as shown above. To get the best ending, you will need to visit the graveyard location, so travel to this location by driving there or using a fast travel station.

Once you get to the cemetery, continue inside and follow the waypoint; he'll then direct you to a niche, which is basically a futuristic tombstone. However, finding the right niche is a bit tricky because there are so many of them, just like the one you need to find. Luckily, if you check out our image above, the location is shown for you. If you go to this exact location, you will get two dialogue options; choose the former, and Johnny Sliverhand will appear to comment on the situation.

After talking to Johnny, you'll then need to go inside and talk to the two cops outside Barry's building. You will have three options; see the list below for which to choose.

  • Barry is Depressed - This, and all of his additional choices will lead to the bad ending and fail the quest for you.
  • What did Barry tell you about his friend? – Choosing this option will provide parallel dialogue, which is generally not crucial to the conclusion of this quest.
  • I Visited Andrew's Grave - If you want the best ending for the Happy Together quest, you'll have to choose this option; then you will have two choices. As shown below, one will require five cool attribute points, while the other can be freely selected.

If you don't have the required points to be cool, don't worry because both will lead to the same result, so choose one or the other. After that, you will get the best possible ending for this quest with an increased reward of 1k whirlwinds.

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