How to buy a private island (housing)?

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The housing in Albion Online comes in the form of an island that the player or a guild can acquire for money. To have access to a private island, you must have 30 days of premium. Each pack offers a period of at least 30 days, so all players have the ability to become owners of an island. Once your premium status ends, you will be able to continue accessing your island without restriction. To buy a private island you will first have to go to one of the five major cities of the starting continent, Thetford (Swamp), Fort Sterling (Mountain), Lymhurst (Forest), Bridgewatch (Steppe), Martlock (Highland) in over Caerleon the capital. Use the boat in your starting city to reach the mainland.

Look for the pirate captain in one of these cities, he is represented on the map by a yellow island. An island for purchase costs 12,500 silver coins but you have a 50% reduction by being premium, a mandatory condition to buy an island, the price is therefore 6,250 silver coins. Once purchased, you can travel to your island for free by talking to the vendor. Be careful because the island will be linked to the city where you bought it.

The starting island only has one building plot. You will have to pay to upgrade it up to 5 times. The prices indicated are those without and with the 50% reduction offered to all premiums.

Level 1 (12,500 silver/6,250 silver): 1 building plot

Level 2 (37,500 silver/18,750 silver): 1 farm plot + 1 building plot + 2 small building plots and a farmer merchant.

Level 3 (125,000 silver/62,500 silver): 1 farm plot + 2 construction plots

Level 4 (325,000 silver/162,500 silver): 1 farm plot + 2 construction plots

Level 5 (625,000 silver/312,500 silver): 1 farm plot + 2 construction plots

Level 6 (2,500,000 argent/1,250,000 argent): 1 farm plot + 3 construction plots

You can therefore build a maximum of 11 construction plots, 2 small construction plots and 5 exploitation plots on your island once upgraded. It is therefore very important to plan your constructions in advance, because you clearly cannot build everything. You can see the exploitable plots by opening the map of the area. The white areas are the building plots and the brown areas are the operating plots.

To build on your island, you must use the button at the top right of your screen which represents tools. You will then bring up a construction menu with several tabs for each type of construction, economy, agriculture, army and houses. By clicking on the I icon at the top right of each construction, you will be able to see an overview of the materials required for the construction. Once the materials are gathered, you will also need to make yourself a demolition mass. You will need different levels of mass to construct the most advanced buildings. Demolition Maces are unlocked in the Adventure branch of the Fate Panel and crafted at a Tool Factory.

As expressed above, there are two types of possible constructions on your island. The buildings that can be built on construction plots cover houses, various workshops such as sawmills, foundries or even tanneries, military buildings such as forges or mage towers, but also buildings related to the agriculture such as mills, kitchens, or alchemist's laboratories. All buildable buildings start at apprentice level and can then be upgraded for valuable resources. From the construction menu, choose your building to reveal a hologram of this future building. If you are on the correct terrain, the hologram will be green and you can place your building. You are not required to have the necessary resources to begin construction.

Farm plots allow the construction of farms, herb gardens, pastures and kennels. For the farming plots, you will need to buy seeds and animals from the merchant who appears from the first level of improvement on your island.

To plant seeds, you must open your inventory and click on the seed in question. Then click on place to make the future plantation appear as a hologram. If you are on a suitable ground the hologram will be green allowing you to place it. You will then need to water your plants to ensure a better yield.

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