How to activate proximity chat on Among Us?

Our articles on Among Us How to activate proximity chat on Among Us? For the past few weeks, it has been possible to speak in Among Us thanks to a mod. Find in this guide how to download and install it.

Among Us is available on PC, iOS and Android mobiles and recently, thanks to its huge success, on Switch. In order to allow total immersion within the title, a modder ottomated created a against. Thanks to proximity cat, you will be able to talk to your teammates in the game but you will have a distance limit to interact with your crewmates. Find below how to install Crew Link.

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How to download and use proximity chat in Among Us?

Proximity Chat is a mod that you can download by going to the page below.


Once on this page, click on CrewLink-Setup-xx.exe (xx represents the mod version). Open the downloaded file to start the installation.

After completing the installation, click Open Game et join or create a game to start chatting with other players in your game.

To take full advantage of it, you and your friends must have the latest version of Among Us but also Crew Link. If you all have this mod, you should have a green halo when someone speaks, and a red icon will appear if one of you isn't using it or isn't logged in yet.

If you were to have problems hearing any of the players, remember to click on the Crew Link window and use the keys CTRL + R to refresh.

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