This part of the guide Fallout 4 is devoted to the character of Hancock. Here you will find all the information about this character: his preferences, his quests and his special ability.

is a ghoul, a ghoul disguised as a pirate, but he is also the mayor of Goodneighbor. As a result, Hancock is a man of responsibility, but after having caught you while you were trying to steal his loot, he decides to accompany you. Just to remember how nice it can be to kick ass.

Recruitment: Complete the quest "Underground Operation" then agree to take care of Bobbi.

Affinity Quest: None

Romance: Strangely, yes

Special skill: Isodoping (Crit gauge fills 25% faster if your radiation level reaches 250)

Likes: Generosity, violence, drugs and the gift of objects

Dislikes: Selfishness, meanness, killing NPCs, stealing, nudity, and the Brotherhood of Steel

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