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Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Guide : card game based on the Super Dragon Ball Heroes license, developed by Bandai Namco and edited by dimps on the fact PC et Switch since April 5, 2019, SDBH has consolidated all cards and summons since the creation of the license of SDBH1 à UVM2 included. So you can collect more than 1160 cards and summon more 350 characters. During a fight, each team has seven cards, represented by seven characters on the field. During a round, the teams will have the possibility of attacking and/or defending. The first team to lose all its life points will be declared the loser.

Through our guide devoted to the latest version of SDBHWM, we will explain to you how the games work, the strategies capable of making you win in the single and multiplayer mode, how to create a heterogeneous team, when to attack and defend at the right time and give you many tips that will help you progress quickly while collecting new cartes Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

  • Introducing Fighter Types

  • Capability Overviews

  • Presentations of the CACs

  • Presentations of the CATs

  • Unit Abilities Overview

  • F.A.Q : Super Dragon Ball Heroes

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