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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 walkthrough: will guide you throughout your journey in this new opus of the adventures of Son Goku and all his friends. We will let you know how to complete main quests, victory conditions and side quest rewards, as well as the complete list of coaches to unlock with their position.

  • FAQ: Your Questions, our Answers

  • Tips for Getting Started

  • Fighting Races

  • Conton City Neighborhoods

  • The Masters and the Examinations

  • Saga - Raditz Attack

    • Let the Time Police pass
  • Saga - The Saiyan Menace

    • Saiyan Assault! defend the earth
    • Thales, the Other Saiyan
    • Saiyan! Out of Limit
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  • Saga - Mayhem on Namek

    • Frieza's Officers - Zarbon and Doria
    • Slugh, the Evil Namekian
    • Be careful, Vegeta! - Doria on the Hunt
  • Saga --Frappe du Commando Ginyu

    • Tous Ensemble! --Commando Ginyu
    • It's Son Goku! - Despicable Projects
    • Give me back my body! - Trunks' Mistake
  • Saga - The Galactic Emperor

    • Win time ! - Nail's Frenzied Battle
    • Dark Projects - Thales and Slugh
    • Protean Fear - Emperor Frieza
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  • Saga - Cyborg War

    • Strategic Uncertainty - Cell
    • Mira, Warrior of the Dark Kingdom
    • Mini-Monsters - Awaken, Wrath of Son Gohan!
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  • Saga - A more than uncertain future

    • The Fight for Hope! Son Gohan, Warrior of the Future
    • Trunks: The Last Warrior
  • Saga - Decisive Fight against Buu

    • Out of my way ! Deathmatch
    • Buu's Snack! Super Buu Attack
    • Son Gohan's New Power
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  • Saga - Wrath of the God of Destruction

    • Decisive Combat in Divine Company
    • The Pudding Problem - The Wrath of Beerus
  • Saga - The Return of the Emperor

    • The Evil Emperor is Back
    • Golden Frieza - Revenge of the Nemesis
    • Creepy ! The Brothers are Back
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  • Saga - The Masked Saiyan

    • Bardock, the Masked Being
    • Secrets de Towa --Manipulation H茅ro茂que
  • Saga - Demon Realm Warrior

    • Shenron Power! Rectify History
    • Ultimate Battle! Make history again
  • Saga - Unknown Story

    • Saiyans and Pride Through the Ages
    • Determined Trunks - Birth of a Legend
  • Parallel Quests

    • 1 Star Side Quests
    • 2 Star Side Quests
    • 3 Star Side Quests
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  • The Great Temporal Rifts

    • House of Mr. Satan
    • Capsules Corp.
    • Dean's House
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  • Expert Missions

  • The QQ Bangs

  • Time Police Requests (Gestures)

  • Achievements/Trophies Guide

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