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Cyberpunk 2077 gives you the option to respec your character, which allows you to reset and reacquire all of your perk points, but you won't be able to respec your skills. Your stats are also set throughout a game and cannot be reset.

Respec will allow you to optimize your selection of perks, but you won't be able to rebuild your character from scratch. Be sure to take the time at the start of your game to go through the different perk trees and decide what you want to prioritize.

How to Respec in Cyberpunk 2077

To respec in Cyberpunk, you need a specific item: the Tabula E-Rasa. Known as the "Progression Shard", you will find the item at any ripperdoc clinic. You'll find them on any forceps icon on the map.

The Tabula E-Rasa is a legendary item and comes with a price to match. Only one of them represents 100 Eurodollars.

Earning that much money will take you at least a little time, no matter how quickly you rack up the swirls. It's hard to justify spending so much on a single item, given that your Eurodollars could get you so many other great things.

Your best way to put together the scratch is to go on a side mission and hunt for bounties. Sell ​​whatever you can along the way, as long as it's not upgrades, and you should eventually be able to afford a Tabula E-Rasa.

Cash in hand, buy into a ripperdoc, select the Trade option at the top of the screen and purchase the E-Rasa. It will immediately reset all your perk points. You are now free to respec your version of V as much as Cyberpunk allows. At least for now.

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